In this case, the team of the designer Edgardo Zunini contacted us to make the signage for the rooms of the beautiful project of interior design for Teamlabs. These rooms (a total of 6) are named with names of women very important in the world of science and technology, and yet few of us knew. These women are:
– Ada Lovelace: London 1815. Mathematics and writer. She was the first programmer in history. Creator of the first algorithm read by a machine. Daughter of the poet Lord Byron.
– Margaret Hamilton: U.S.A. 1936. Mathematics, computational scientist and systems engineer. Programmer of NASA and creator of the term Software Engineering.
Jude Milhon: U.S.A. 1939. Hacker known as St. Jude. Activist for social rights, defender of digital privacy in the network and creator of CYPHERPUNK
– Grace Murray: U.S.A. 1906. Known as Amazing Grace. Computer scientist and military with back-up degree. Inventor of the first compiler: COBOL
– Evelyn Berezin: U.S.A. 1925. Computer science. Engineer. And one of the first women who went to the University in the 20s. Author of the first text editor.
– Hedy Lamarr: Vienna 1914. Engineer and actress. He defined the technology that allowed the creation of WIFI and GPS. The day of the invention is celebrated on November 9, his date of birth.Here We leave the web of Edgardo. Thank you for your work and for spreading the work of women is these fields so masculine. A pleasure to have worked with you.

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